Are you exhausted by the current state of the music industry?
We’re rebuilding it from the grassroots up, and we want your help!
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“I think a lot of the time the reason that people pirate, is they want access to good music. And they don’t get it because the radio is so shit.”

Thom Yorke

What exactly is


Our aim is to put the entire creative process of recording back into the hands of the artist and their fans to encourage great songwriting.
We are creating a social network of technical knowledge through engineers, agents and marketing gurus to facilitate this process.
From writing to tracking, mixing, distribution and marketing, this community will be a vibrant hub for music lovers of all kinds.
Whether you're a budding musician, songwriter, engineer, fan, manager, or prospective label owner,
OUR INDUSTRY has a place for you.

We will accomplish this goal over a period of time through multiple phases.
We are currently in Alpha and are only handing out invitations to a few select guests.
If you're reading this, you're in the inner circle with a chance to get on board from the ground up.

The Alpha phase aims to accomplish the following:
1) Build a library of music from independent artists and bands looking for more exposure.
2) Invite music lovers to vote on these songs, creating a top 100 list.
3) Expand the website to include social networking between music makers, engineers and fans.
4) Promote the social network aspect of the website to encourage the creation of new music, and to provide an innovative avenue of distribution amongst users.

We are currently in the midst of step 1.
Keep scrolling down if you are an independent band or artist with recorded music.

“To write really good music -- the best music we possibly can. That comes before anything else; it comes before philosophy, image or playing live. It's always been the main point. Just songs.”

Kurt Cobain

"When I came up there were places to rehearse. You could get loud in old industrial areas. Those places were available. Some drunk security guard who would watch the building would turn his back if you gave him a couple of hundred bucks for the month and you’d just plug in and do your thing. As long as you didn’t burn the building down, you were fine. Nowadays with lawyers and insurance and liabilities, those places are gone. People can’t necessarily get loud anymore. Even if they can find a place, it’s now overly priced because all those safeguards are in place. People that want to get into the music industry have to play in a space that’s licensed and authorised and regulated and all those things that bore the shit out of me. Those places are now out of the price range for people who are making music that no one will pay for.

As an independent project — no funding, no record label, no underwriters, nothing — the whole digital route is a lot more sustainable. You’re not wasting a lot of paper or plastic products, except for the manufacturing of computers, which apparently go out of date every week. Thank you very much, Apple.

But you’re able to get that music out there and have a direct connection to who you’re selling it to — and actually fund your project."

Maynard James Keenan

Submit your music

If you're ready to get involved in a fresh new approach to music distribution, we encourage you to upload one of your songs.
As one of our select few guests, we guarantee that your single will be broadcast during the first round of voting.
That's right! YOU will definitely be heard in the very first round of broadcasting, no matter what.

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OUR INDUSTRY is incredibly lucky to have you help us ignite the communal flame of creativity.
We look forward to seeing what you drum up when the engine gets running.

E-mail us at alpha@ourindustry.net for any further questions.

By uploading an mp3 you are declaring that you own the rights to the song
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